Campbell Police Department Citizen Reporting Form

The Campbell Police Department is introducing a new citizen reporting form that will allow residents to report minor theft crimes, minor damage to property complaints, lost property, suspicious activity or persons and nuisance complaints online. One word of caution, filing a false police report is a crime and ALL CASES OF FALSE REPORTING WILL BE PROSECUTED!

Citizen Report Form Guidelines

The Citizen Self-Report Form is available for you to use to report non-emergency incidents without suspects.

If a crime is in progress, or if this is an emergency, DIAL 911.

To file a Citizen Self-Report Form online, the incident must have occurred within the Town of Campbell. If the incident did not occur within the Town of Campbell you will need to file a report where the incident occurred.

You can use this online form to report the following:

  • Theft – less than $250 value
  • Theft From Auto – less than $250 value
  • Damaged Property – damage to your personal property less than $2500 value
  • Lost Property
  • Nuisance Complaints (Noise complaints, barking dog(s) etc…)
  • Suspicious Circumstances

If your incident is not listed above, or you need Law Enforcement response please contact our Law Enforcement Communications Center at 608-785-5942.

This is an official Town of Campbell Police Department document that will become the official police report for this incident. If you have insurance coverage, this form will assist you in filing a claim. Please note that you must include YOUR FULL NAME and BIRTHDATE along with all other identifying information for the report to be officially filed. We will be better able to follow up on your case if you provide us with as much information as possible. Photos may be sent with the online complaint form electronically.

We need as much information about the crime or situation as possible. We need:

  • When it happened from earliest possible date and time to discovery date and time.
  • Where it happened (street address within the Town of Campbell.
  • Who is reporting the incident (your identity with full name and date of birth is required).
  • Who is the victim/owns the property involved (this may be you or someone else).
  • What was stolen or damaged or the nature of the complaint from Citizen Report Form.
  • Details of the incident. As complete as possible.

NOTE: Filing a false police report is a crime (WI 946.41) and ALL violations will be prosecuted.