Brush Chipping


Town of Campbell Curbside Brush Chipping Guidelines

These guidelines are provided to efficiently streamline brush chipping services for Town of Campbell residents and our maintenance department staff.  Small sticks and yard waste clog the chipping machine, causing delays and safety concerns. Brush chipping is only intended for the disposal of small amounts of limbs/branches that are removed by residents for normal tree maintenance and upkeep.  Brush must be from a Town of Campbell resident’s yard. Brush transported from other locations is not entitled to brush chipping.  Brush will be accepted from single family and 2 – 4-unit dwellings only.

Brush chipping is not provided for lot clearing activities or from the removal of trees or bushes.  Contractor-cleared brush or trees will NOT be picked up whether FREE or PAID FOR.  It is the contractor’s or resident’s responsibility to dispose of this.  Residents must use the county landfill or tree service businesses for this type of disposal. Sticks smaller than ¾ inch diameter and garden waste must be deposited at the yard waste facility, behind Town Hall.


Brush piles are limited to a size of 8 feet long and 4 feet high with a length equal to the uncut piece. All brush must have a cut end of more than ¾ inch diameter and left as long as possible. Any remaining brush should be kept in your yard until the next pickup date. Leave loose, no bundling with twine, string, rope or wire etc… Brush should not be put out to the curb until 3 days prior to your pickup date.

The maintenance crew will answer any questions you may have while they are at your residence.  If you are unable to speak with the crew, please call the maintenance department with questions at 783-0050 ext 3.

  • Schedule: Brush chipping will start the first Monday of the month for areas NORTH of I-90 and the second Monday of the month for areas SOUTH of I-90 from May to October. Chipping will continue throughout the week until completed. Town crews will only go by each residence ONE time each month.
  • All brush must be curbside by 7 a.m. on the day of your scheduled chipping. The Town will not pickup brush in alleys. Town crews will not cross or enter private property to pick up brush. Brush that is not curbside by 7 a.m. will not be picked up until the next pickup date.
  • In order to maintain the schedule, brush crews WILL NOT return for special pickups.
  • Piling brush: These guidelines must be followed. If brush piles do not meet these guidelines the crew will not chip any of the pile.

Pile brush with the cut end toward the road, all in the same direction, and pile as loosely as possible so that brush is easy to handle. Do not pile it in the road. Do not combine piles with neighbors. Branches or limbs over 6” in diameter will not be accepted.  Since smaller branches clog the machine, leave the brush lengths long. Pile brush away from mailboxes, telephone poles, etc. All brush must remain on your property. Do not pile it in any parks.

Stumps, root balls, roots, rocks, rubbish, construction material, dimensional lumber, metal, or yard waste WILL NOT be collected.

Christmas trees will be picked up starting the day after Christmas and ending the second week of January.

  • Brush due to major storm damage: The Town will determine and announce emergency storm-related brush collections. Regular brush chipping guidelines will apply.

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