Permits & Forms

Fence Permits

The Town of Campbell now requires fence permits. No fence shall be erected or totally replaced without first obtaining a Town of Campbell fence permit and paying the applicable fee of $35.

Fence Permit Application (PDF)

Burning Permits

The Town has discontinued the practice of issuing burning permits to residents.

This prohibition does not apply to interior or outdoor fireplaces or outdoor barbecues. Outdoor barbecues are defined as “any metal, masonry, or ceramic structure that wholly or partially confines the fire inside.”

In addition, the only materials that can be burned in an outdoor fireplace as defined are clean, dry wood, or charcoal. Use of outdoor fireplaces and/or barbecues must not create a nuisance for any adjacent properties, and someone must be in attendance at all times until the fire is extinguished.

Additional Permits

Sign Permit Application (PDF)
Short Term Rental Permit (PDF)

Zoning/Occupancy Permits

The Town of Campbell Zoning Ordinance requires that a zoning/occupancy permit be issued for all construction with a few exceptions.

Zoning/Occupancy Permit Application (PDF)

Building or Excavation Permits can be obtained through the town.
Residential Building Inspector ……………………………….608-697-8007

Building Permit Online Application

General Building Application (Building, razing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC)

Appeals to the Board of Adjustment (PDF)
Petition for Rezone (PDF)
Conditional Use Permit Application (PDF)
Planning & Zoning Commission Application (PDF)

Driveway Permits

Driveway permits are required only if you live on a County Highway.
Contact La Crosse County for a driveway permit.

Town Assessor

Patrick Hart…………………………………………………….608-372-2964

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Police Department Forms

Parking Citation Contestment Form (PDF)
Campbell Police Department Citizen Reporting Form (online)
Register a Private Surveillance Camera with the Police Department (online)
Voluntary Statement Form (PDF)
Municipal Court Restitution Request (PDF)
Authorization for Release of Medical Information (PDF)
Vacation/home security check form (online)
Open Records Request Form (PDF)